Easy communication with support people

                                                      contact a consultant from the 4 categories by pressing the CALL button 


you can send messages to the hospital doctors regarding: COVID test results, treatment, treatment effects, discharge date, etc.


here you can talk about yourself, your healing, your well-being. Someone is with you right now! Make yourself happy!


contact a lawyer specializing in COVID - 19 legislation at national, European Union or global level (World Health Organization)

GOV insitution

can send messages to Health Centers, City Hall, Police about the quarantine period, documents, discharge procedure, return to work, travel

entertainment and well – being

community chat, video, music, movies, documentaries

access for free the resources selected for your well-being or enter into discussion with other people in quarantine or hospitals


Stay up to date with Covid – 19

                                           most infected with Covid-19 are asymptomatic. Most symptoms have mild forms of the disease and heal. Be our hero too!


Stay Up To Date With The Latest News

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                                             stay positive, connect, ask for help and you will be healthy